4 of the Best Mental Health YouTube Channels (2022)

What are some of the best mental health and therapist YouTube channels to subscribe to in 2022? Read more to find out some of Nuna's favorites YouTubers.

YouTube is full of entertaining and useful content across many topics.

And there are quite a few inspiring channels dedicated to mental health and wellness.

I like a mix of YouTubers - both professional therapists as well as people with OCD or ADHD - that help educate and destigmatize a wide variety of topics related to mental health.

Here are four mental health channels that I’m excited about at the moment:

Dr Julie

Here is Dr Julies’ most popular video with more than 125.000 views. In this video, she explains the psychology behind profound behavioral changes. Why it can be tricky to make changes in life - and what we can do in order to help ourselves succeed with making life changes.

Dr Julie is a clinical psychologist. She uses her channel to share insights from therapy and research so that people can better understand how the mind works and how to optimize their own mental health.

She speaks about confidence, motivation, mindfulness, anxiety, and more.

Go check out her short-form videos with easy and quick tips here

OCD and Anxiety

This is OCD and Anxiety’s most popular video. It has more than 17.000 views. The video explains how to stop compulsions by delaying doing the thing that our brain tells us to do. By not viewing compulsions as all or nothing - we can delay reacting to them and thereby help ourselves to better tolerate any discomfort by not performing the compulsion which is key to learning not to react to them.

The person behind the channel is Nathan Peterson, a licensed clinician and OCD specialist. Nathan wants to help as many people as possible through his insightful mental health videos.

The channel has a variety of short and easy-to-understand videos on how to cope with OCD, anxiety, and BFRB’s (hair pulling, nail biting and so on).

Check them out here


This is one of the channel’s most popular videos with more than 7,3 M views?

Psych2Go is run by a mental health organization of the same name.

Their goal is to make a variety of psychology and relationship-related topics relatable and understandable. They create fun small educational videos that help fight the stigma associated with mental health.

Check out the channel here

Rowena Tsai

Here is Rowena Tsai’s most popular video with more than 3,5 M views.

Rowena Tsai is a relatable and inspiring YouTuber who makes videos on everything from mindfulness to habits, self-care, and positive life changes.

Her videos show how to approach larger goals and tasks with small doable steps. “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”

Check out more of her videos here

Want to explore more?

Find more of my favorite YouTube channels on mental health here:

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