My 4 favorite mental health and therapist YouTube channels

You know what I love watching on YouTube?

Cat videos 🐈

But sometimes I just want to lay in bed with my small bowl of the finest hay on one side and my laptop in my lap watching inspirational YouTube videos from some of the best mental health and therapist YouTube channels to make me feel better😊 

Before jumping straight into them, please note that I’ve included non-therapist YouTubers on the list – simply because I think what they are doing is really awesome, even though they are not therapists.

So… here are my favorite YouTube channels about mental health:

1. The Mighty

The Mighty’s most popular mental health video.

The Mighty’s mission is to help people facing diseases, disabilities and disorders, including mental health.

… and they are doing really well with their exceptional content and viewership on the mental health part (the video above has 6,435,611 views).

I simply love watching their honest and personal stories about their experiences with special needs, mental health and other conditions. No wonder this channel has 81k subscribers.

Check out The Mighty’s YouTube channel here >>

2. Kati Morton

Kati Morton’s most popular YouTube video. 

Alright, so now I will introduce you to the first therapist on this list: Kati Morton.

Kati Morton is a licensed therapist and she believes that mental health shouldn’t have stigma attached to it and that “You’re worth the fight!”

Therefore she creates very popular videos about depression, eating disorders, anxiety, self-harm and a lot more. No wonder she has 989k subscribers on YouTube (and the above video has 2,451,958 views!).

Check out Kati Morton’s YouTube channel here >>

3. How to ADHD

How to ADHD’s most popular video on YouTube.

Do you have ADHD? Or feel like it? Then How to ADHD is definitely something for you!

The creator Jessica has a massive following (466k followers) that loves her videos with tips, tricks and insights into the beautiful ADHD brain (and yes, I think the ADHD brain is beautiful).

So go and have a look at How to ADHD:

Check out How to ADHD here >>

4. The Psych Show

Let me introduce you to the clinical psychologist Ali Matti, Ph.D that posts videos on this channel every second week.

His purpose with The Psych Show channel is to educate, entertain and empower people with mental health struggles like phobias, anxiety, depression, etc.

The channel has 97k subscribers.

Check out The Psych Show’s YouTube channel here

I hope you will enjoy these YouTube channels as much as I do 

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