From Aya to Nuna

Hi there my friend 🤗 

I have something exciting to tell you…

I’ve changed my name from Aya to Nuna 😊

Does it mean anything for you or our relationship? Absolutely not! I am still the same happy alpaca – it was something I had to do for myself. 

Let me explain…

Really it’s all about some boooring trademark issues 🥱😴 But wouldn’t it be more fun if I’d found my true self on a trip to the Camino? 😅

Let’s take that angle then! 🙈

So the “true” story is that it was time for me to get a taste of my own medicine and go through some kind of self-exploration journey 🧳

I’ve always wanted to see Spain 🇪🇸 So I packed my stuff and went on a virtual walk on the famous Camino de Santiago.

Luckily I met a numerologist along the way 🔢 She was so sweet and helped me figure out that Nuna would be a much better name for me and complement the alpaca I am and how I feel.

First I was a bit sceptical about it. You know, what will other people think about me changing my name?

But the name Nuna just felt so right for me that I had to do it no matter what everyone else might be thinking about it.

… and you know what? It felt absolutely great to do something I knew was right just for me 😊

Here is a little fun fact about the name Nuna: In native american the meaning of Nuna is “land”, which really matches the reason for me being put into this world: being grounded and your safe harbor when the storm hits.

Finally I feel like myself and I hope you will accept my new name, Nuna 🥰

… and don’t worry, I won’t change my name for at least another year. I promise! First when the 7 planets align again, like in the Disney movie Hercules 🪐🌍🌖

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