The Insights Feature

Keep a record of a your feelings and moods with the feature called Insights. Learn about the feature and its benefits for your mental health.

by Emilie Glen Colsted

Keep track of your mental health

Insights is the place in the app where you can view stats of your day-to-day feelings and moods as well as track your mental health progress.

This feature is a space to understand how and when mood shifts happen and identify important patterns in your feelings and behavior.

In other words, it’s a mood tracker that helps you better understand yourself.

Feelings and Moods

Monitoring our moods and day-to-day feelings is a good way to practice self-care and gain insights into what we can focus on to feel better faster. In fact, research shows that awareness of our mood can be linked to better mental health outcomes. In Nuna you can increase this awareness through two different kinds of check-ins:

1. Checking in with Nuna on a daily basis is an opportunity to record how you are feeling at that exact moment. Logging our feelings like this can help bring a clear overview of how we are feeling in various situations and what may cause these feelings. In other words, we can learn what affects or triggers feelings like stress or happiness for us.

2. Checking in with Nuna every 14 days is a time to record overall levels of stress, anxiety, depression and happiness. These are also called moods, which tell us how we are feeling in general. Moods can accompany us for days, weeks or months. Keeping track of them can clarify our mental health progress and reveal focus areas for maintaining and improving our mental well-being.

Go and boost your self-awareness and keep track of your moods with the Nuna app:

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