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Improve the mental health and overall performance in your organisation with a corporate partnership with Nuna

Endless possibilities

I can implement clinical validated cognitive behavioural therapy in the form of a chatbot, tools or a customized journaling form specifically designed for improving mental wellbeing in your organisation. No matter what industry.

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Action is needed

According to WHO, anxiety and depression costs the global economy $1 trillion each year in lost productivity. They estimate that every $1 spent in treatments or preventions for mental disorders gives a return of $4 in improved health/productivity.

Read the full Mental Health in the Workplace article from WHO here


Effective tools and exercises


Give your employees access to my ever-growing catalogue of effective tools and exercises. 

World-class app engagement


Rest assured knowing my app specializes in engaging the users ensuring the usage and results.

Reports and analytics


Monitor engagement and results for reaching the mental well-being goals in your company.

Webinars and events


Enjoy high quality and customised mental health webinars and events with experts from my team

A solution for all types of organizations

Request a demo to see how Nuna can personalise a solution to improve the mental wellbeing in your organisation. 


For organisations

My customised solutions require a minimum of 100 employees to secure employee privacy


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  Reporting and analytics

  Tools and exercises

  Webinars and Events

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Made in Denmark 🇩🇰

Terms & Conditions

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Made in Denmark 🇩🇰