I have been created on a clinically validated foundation of research by some of the world’s leading institutions within mental health. My creators are also working strictly from a scientific approach and nothing is left to chance. Below you can read more about my creators and especially see their background within science, coaching and psychotherapy.

Hassan Bazzi

Co-founder & CEO

Hassan has taught me the importance of making an impact in people’s lives and is helping me build the team to do it. He makes sure my team is happy and fulfilled. His background in tech and engineering gives me the chance to put on better smart pants every day! He also loves nature and mountains, so we often find ourselves in the same fields.

Ahmad El-Najjar

Co-founder & CPO

Ahmad is helping me grow by sharing with me all the different ways that people use our applications and what they think would make it better. He makes sure that our team is building the right features at the right time so we can offer the best experience of Nuna. His background is in product and he helps me iterate iterate iterate every day!

Emilie Petersen

Lead Psychologist

Emilie has taught me how to combine principles of evidence-based psychotherapy with the powerful tool of technology. Her background in digital mental health inspires me to break the barriers of getting relevant help – stigma, time, cost and availability.

Ana Stoica

Lead Designer

Ana has shaped me through her uniquely effective and human approach to product design. Her experience in visual communication and UI/UX design has helped innovate the ways in which I deeply connect with people and modeled me into a thoughtful experience filled with feelings and meaning.

Vikas Padaliya

Senior Software Engineer

Vikas is making sure I learn something new and become smarter. He gave me basic ability to make conversation, to understand peoples' problem and answer them appropriately. He programmed my brain to make right decision for individuals. In fact I spoke my very first words to him in his machine.

Benedicte Nellemann Dittmer

Psychology Student

Benedicte helps me keep up with the state of the art research and knowledge from the psychological field of science. She accompanies me in developing the content for my app, while also taking care of my online presence on social media and in the blog!

Vivian Rebrin

Marketing Assistant

Vivian has taught me how to position myself in the best light and attract lots of other Alpaca and non Alpaca friends from all over the world. Her background in digital advertising, recruiting, and marketing through influencers has helped me build a good following base and help furry and non furry friends get the mental health help that they deserve.

Tess Grankina

Lead Software Engineer

Tess helps me show my best side to the world. She transforms my designers' ideas into reality by blending software and user experience. She also teaches me how to be there for people and listen to them, no matter what and when. Her experience in software helps me grow everyday.

… and my incredibly intelligent psychologist advisors

Mathias Ernst

Cand. phsyc. & PhD

Mathias is all about psychology. Besides advising me and my team, Mathias has years of experience within the psychiatry and is also practising psychiatry on a daily basis.

Lars Clemmensen

Psychiatrist, PhD Fellow, Post Doc and Researcher

Lars is specialized in telepsychiatry and is always experimenting with exciting new technologies in psychology. Like VR based psychiatry – exciting right?

Mette Bratlann

Cand. psych. Clinical Psychologist

Mette is IMO one of the best psychologists out there. She is also the author behind the bestselling book, “Quaterlife crisis“. She is primarily focusing on the existential and relational matters, which is some really interesting subjects, especially when you’re a digital alpaca.

We have experience from the research institutions and organisations below

Aalborg University
Copenhagen Business School
Growth Island
Harvard University
Kring Ventures
Copenhagen Uiversity
Robbins Madanes Training
San Diego State University
University of Southern Denmark
Singularity University


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