I have been created on a clinically validated foundation of research by some of the world’s leading institutions within mental health. My creators are also working strictly from a scientific approach and nothing is left to chance. Below you can read more about my creators and especially see their background within science, coaching and psychotherapy.

Jacob Beckmann

Co-founder & CEO

Jacob Beckmann is a seasoned CEO with over 20 years of experience in the startup ecosystem. With a background in psychology and mental health, he brings a unique perspective to his leadership role. Jacob is a versatile digital business developer, skilled in driving product development, implementing effective go-to-market strategies, and forging successful sales and partnership initiatives. Throughout his career, Jacob has demonstrated a strong track record of achievements, including two successful exits. One of his notable accomplishments includes the successful exit of Novalis, a venture acquired by PFA Sundhed. Jacobs deep understanding of the mental health landscape, coupled with his expertise in business development, has allowed him to drive innovation and create value for both customers and stakeholders. As a visionary leader, Jacob possesses a keen ability to identify market opportunities and leverage his extensive network to drive growth. He is known for his strategic mindset, effective communication skills, and ability to build high-performing teams. With his passion for mental well-being and proven entrepreneurial acumen, Jacob continues to make a significant impact in the industry, empowering individuals and organizations to thrive.

Stine Wincentsen

Business Development & Communication Associate

Stine Wincentsen is a communication and marketing strategist on a mission to empower people to live their best lives. With a master’s degree in International Marketing and 3+ years of work experience in the field, her expertise lies in storytelling, relationship building and strategy consulting. Stine is passionate about making a tangible impact on people's health and overall well-being and is excited to be on a journey with a meaningful purpose.

Emilie Glen Colsted

Lead Psychologist

Emilie has taught me how to combine principles of evidence-based psychotherapy with the powerful tool of technology. Her background in digital mental health inspires me to break the barriers of getting relevant help - stigma, time, cost and availability.

Daniel W. Mathiasen

Technical Advisor

As an advisor to Nuna, Daniel Mathiesen brings a wealth of experience and expertise in project management, innovation, and product development. His insights and guidance are invaluable in shaping Nunas strategic direction and optimizing the development processes for the mental health assistant. Drawing from his extensive background in leading teams and driving innovation at renowned companies like LEGO and FRVR, Daniel provides valuable perspectives on optimizing operational efficiency, fostering cross-functional collaboration, and ensuring the successful delivery of Nunas product. With his deep understanding of innovation management and design, Daniels advisory role helps Nuna navigate complex challenges and achieve excellence in creating a cutting-edge mental health assistant that meets the needs of individuals and businesses alike.

Tina Seehausen

Strategic Advisor

Tina has +20 years of experience in the app development space, driving strategic partnerships, commercial sales, marketing and corporate communication for global software companies. Tina contributes to Nuna Technology, sharing her global network and unique insight to the successful establishment of ecosystems to optimize the potential of strategic alliances and channel sales for Nuna.

Flemming Breinholt

Board, Investment, and Consulting Professional

With over 25 years of distinguished leadership as a CEO, I am now charting a dynamic course in board careers, investments, and consulting. My expertise lies in bridging the gap between visionary strategy and pragmatic execution, underpinned by robust business acumen. I am passionate about fostering collaboration in the boardroom, balancing strategic oversight with effective corporate governance, and focusing on ESG and CSR initiatives. In addition to my professional pursuits, I am deeply committed to promoting mental health and well-being. This dedication is further exemplified through my active role in Nuna, where I contribute to the advancement of Nuna’s mental health solution.

We have experience from the research institutions and organisations below

Aalborg University
Copenhagen Business School
Growth Island
Harvard University
Kring Ventures
Copenhagen Uiversity
Robbins Madanes Training
San Diego State University
University of Southern Denmark
Singularity University


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