My 6 favorite mental health blogs

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Hi there, 🤗

I love singing in the shower – can you guess what I sing? Alpacapella 😄

But you know what I love even more? Awesome blogs about mental health 🙌

Way too many feel alone with their concerns, but you are never alone – and reading blogs can be a good way to remember and realize just that. 

Remember, it’s ok to feel the way you do and you are never alone 💜🤗🦙

So here are my 6 favorite blogs with inspirational content about mental health and how others cope with their concerns.

1. The Mighty

The more I read the mental health section on The Mighty, the more I feel it’s like a never-ending resource for support to people with mental disorders 🙌

… and their content covers more than 6,000 topics and most of it is written by people who themselves are affected by different mental health conditions.

So if you want to support and read how others feel and cope with mental health issues, I would definitely give The Mighty a look.

Go the health section on The Mighty here >>

2. The OCD stories

Most of us feel a little OCD from time to time – but that is nothing compared to those that actually struggle with it. And if you are one of those, I guess you could use some real stories to be educated and inspired on how to live with it – and that’s where The OCD Stories comes into the picture.

The OCD Stories publishes real stories to educate and inspire those of you actually living with OCD. And the best part? It’s way more than just a blog: The OCD Stories also have a podcast with over 2 million downloads for you and your relatives, so they also know what’s going on 😎

Check out The OCD Stories here >>

3. Real Warriors

The Real Warriors is one of my favorites, because it’s out there to help our heroes 🙏

It’s a robust and compassionate resource for service members, veterans and military families coping with invisible wounds as PTSD and other psychological health topics as well as military-related topics.

… and I just love their saying and hashtag #ReachingOutIsASignOfStrength 💪

So if you or someone close to you struggle with invisible wounds, I would highly recommend giving Real Warriors a look.

Go to Real Warriors here >>

4. A Splintered Mind

Have you heard the saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”? That’s definitely the case for this website: it looks like something straight out of the early 90’s, but nonetheless A Splintered Mind is an absolutely awesome blog?

The mastermind behind it is the award-winning writer and blogger Douglas Cootey. It combines humor with his personal anecdotes on how to overcome the stigma often surrounding ADHD and depression, while at the same time being an incredibly supporting online community of like-minded people.

Check out A Splintered Mind here >>

5. Wing of Madness Depression Guide

Okay, so this one is probably the oldest blog you will ever come around. It started even before WordPress existed.

It’s from 1995 👵 Did the World Wide Web even exist back then? 🌎

However, the Wing of Madness blog offers impressive guides on how to recognize, understand and seek treatment for major depressive disorders. It covers every major topic from diagnosing depression to depression and self-care.

So if you’ve ever felt depressed, I would recommend you give Wing of Madness a look.

Go to the Wing of Madness blog here >>

6. Love and Life Toolbox

Want to improve love and life? Then Love and Life Toolbox is the place to go.

It’s founded by Lisa Brookes, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and is a place filled with tools for emotional health and incredible relationships.

Love and Life Toolbox offers courses, consultations and endless content on their blog.

Check out Love and Life Toolbox here >>

So next time you feel alone or have a bad day, go read one of these blogs. You will probably find out that your thoughts are more common than you think 💜🦙

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