The Chat and Check-in Feature

Learn more about the chat and how to check-in with yourself regularly using the text-based conversational agent

by Emilie Glen Colsted

How to Check-in and Chat

From the bottom menu, you can open the chat feature and speak with Nuna, day and night. This is a space for your thoughts and feelings.

The chat is primarily a text-based conversational agent (TVA), which means that you can type with Nuna. However, the chat also contains a voice-based conversational agent (VCA) which is AI technology that allows Nuna to process your vocal inputs.

The automated and brief conversations are designed by our team of psychologists. The chat applies principles from AI and natural language processing alongside talk therapy like psychological venting, introspection and non-specific factors such as empathy. All with the aim to help you prevent mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

Whenever you type something or press a button you guide the content and duration of the chat. This logic allows the chat to adapt to your unique needs and provide the strategies and resources you need.

In the chat, you can also check in with yourself. Here you identify how you are currently feeling and any potential emotional triggers. This is a great opportunity to validate and process your thoughts to alleviate emotional distress like anxiety, stress and depression.

The chat will also provide conversations for the days when you don’t feel like looking within. We don’t always feel like working on our feelings, but rather simply small talk.

This is perfectly normal and can be a great way to also practise self-care. For those days, you can chat with Nuna about cool Danish concepts like “hygge” and “pyt”, hear some good jokes, and find inspirational mental health quotes.

Go check out the non-judgmental, empathic and fun automated conversational agent (chatbot) for yourself with the Nuna app:

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