The Voice and Emotion Detection Feature

Learn more about the new check-in feature where Nuna can identify emotions from your voice using speech emotion recognition technology

by Emilie Glen Colsted

Voice and Emotion Detection

Supporting our mental health and wellness is easier when we are in tune with our feelings from moment to moment.

But sometimes it can be difficult to recognize how we’re feeling.

And sometimes we simply rather want to speak about it than type.

The voice check-in is one of our latest features using speech emotion recognition through machine learning that enables you to do just that.

Nuna detects how you’re feeling based on your vocal input using speech emotion recognition technology.

You can enter the feature by chatting with Nuna and reaching a new check-in entry. Then you simply hold the microphone button for at least 5 seconds and tell Nuna a bit about what you are up to.

The voice-based conversational agent (VCA) and the speech recognition model then identify emotional cues from your valence, pitch as well as content and discerns how you are feeling as you speak.

In other words, Nuna will understand how you're feeling based on what you say and the sounds you make.

Read more about how human emotions can infer from vocal expression in this 2020 study by Lausen & Hammerschmidt.

Try out the voice check-in in the Nuna app:

App Store and Google Play

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